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Sep 13, 2018

Artist & author Makoto Fujimura illuminates the relationship between faith & art like no other person I've met. His artwork (based on an ancient Japanese painting style called Nihonga) has been featured in contemporary art galleries around the world, in places like Chelsea New York, Haifa Israel, & Hong Kong. 

While "Mako" has one step in the art world, he has his other foot in the Church, speaking life into Her artists, adding color a black-&-white world of religion that has been stripped of beauty & visual theology. He especially has a sensitive heart for artists in the Church, who often feel used, misunderstood, & ultimately exiled. His passion for curating a "theology of making" has landed him a role at Fuller Seminary as the Director of Culture Care Initiative at the Brehm Center. 

Mako is back on the ILLUMINATE podcast to talk about the concept & practice of "Culture Care", something I believe both the Church & the culture at large so desperately needs in these divisive times. 


Mako on Twitter & IG: @iamfujimura

Nihonga Refractions on Instagram: @nihongarefractions

See Mako's work @ 

Two places to see Mako's work in person: All Saints Church in Princeton, NJ + Waterfall Mansion in NY

Opening Theme Music: "Homeward" by Future of Forestry

Additional Music: "Breathing Strings" by David Swick ( + "River Crossing" by The Radial Conservatory (